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Picture Perfect Repairs

           The Chief Genesis combines the latest in laser and computer technology to detect and recall damage - even that which may not be visibly apparent.  A print-out documents this damage to help eliminate delays in getting insurance approvals.

           p002985.jpg (453159 bytes) The Chief Genesis then acts as a guide and monitor, enabling us to restore your vehicle to its original condition.  A final print-out illustrates the repair history.

            You'll be able to clearly see the extent of your vehicle's structural damage and what was    done to correct it.

Pinpoints Accuracy

            Genesis incorporates two rotating lasers that precisely measure the structural components of your vehicle.  The Genesis computer the compares these measurements to your vehicle's correct specification.  The lasers measure continuously throughout the repair with the computer recalculating and updating the comparisons every three seconds, ensuring every adjustment is being made properly.

Proof or Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction

            We're dedicated to providing you with the most sophisticated repair systems and qualified technicians available.  The Chief Genesis is proof of that commitment.  From initial estimate to final repair, you'll be assured that your vehicle was fixed right - THE FIRST TIME!

            We don't settle for less, and neither should you!


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